Provision of contracted services with UAS – Apart from the sale of a complete system, it is also possible to provide a service that could be charged on an annual basis, flight time, number of interventions. In this case Alpha Sagittarius Ltd. staff performs flights within the contracting infrastructure or the whole UAS can be rented (albeit with personnel training and insurance)

Provision of support services – we provide: maintenance, servicing, personnel training and system modernization for our aircraft and other manufacturers’ aircraft. 24/7 availability on the territory of the Republic of Croatia, possibly wider.

Developing an UAS systems solution for other customers – we offer a consultancy services for developing entire systems or individual parts for other customers.. Our company and our partners have and expertise in designing UAS and associated equipment.

Consultancy services for applying to the EU Structural funds: we offer consultancy to the companies that want to apply for EU structural funds. We have a good track record so far.